Keeping your young person safe

Photo of a male parent wearing glasses, beard, check shirt, jeans - standing with hands in his pocketsHere are some preventative online Safety Tips:

  1. Monitor how long they are using phones/tablets/laptops and where they use them. – Keep an eye on their behaviour and try to encourage them to have lots of other interests.
  2. Have access to accounts and passwords of your young person – don’t forget that for most social media apps an account holder must be at least 13 years old.
  3. Be their friend on the various sites and apps.
  4. Highlight they are not to give out personal information – phone numbers, address, date of birth, family details, bank details etc.
  5. It helps to stay up to date with how to use technology. Very often your young person will be the best teacher!
  6. Have an open conversation about the danger of strangers online and what to do – report and block.
  7. Every now and again type your young person’s name into a search engine, and see what comes up!
  8. Have an open discussion about private photos and intimate images.
  9. Your young people will pick up on how you approach online activity, which can be a huge example to them.

Useful website for online safety and reporting:

Apps to aid online safety:

  • Family Loop Safeguard (free)
  • Mobicip Safe Brower (charged)
  • Kidslox – Parental Controls (charged)